Stock Purchase Agreements

Whether you are buying into a business, trying to raise capital by taking on a new part owner or simply selling off your shares in a company, putting together a Stock Purchase Agreement may be just what you need. Generally, a Stock Purchase Agreement is just what it sounds like, an agreement for the purchase and sale of stock. Then again, a Stock Purchase Agreement is also so much more than just an agreement to purchase and sell stock.

Just like a Purchase Agreement for the sale of a home, a Stock Purchase Agreement affords the parties an opportunity to memorialize all of the important individual terms to the agreement in a written agreement. The key provisions within a Stock Purchase Agreement often discuss the date on which the transaction is to take place, the number of shares that are to be sold, the location of the stock, the price to be paid in total and/or for each share, and also who the parties are. The Stock Purchase Agreement may also contain various representations and warranties from the seller to the buyer regarding the financial condition of the company and its assets.

Given the technical nature of Stock Purchase Agreements, it is important to make sure that they are prepared correctly and contain the proper provisions to ensure that you get what you want out of the proposed deal. If you or your business are planning on entering into a purchase or sale of stock contact the Gabriel Law Office, PLLC and we would be happy to discuss and prepare a Stock Purchase Agreement for you. Let us help you to make sure that legal issues are not an issue for you or your business.

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Stock Purchase Agreements

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