Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate includes most Real Estate that is used for business purposes. Some examples of Commercial Real Estate include apartment complexes, bars, hotels, manufacturing plants, office buildings, restaurants, retail centers, shopping centers and malls, warehouses, and even vacant land that can be used to develop properties like those described above. Thus, it can be seen that Commercial Real Estate is a very broad and encompassing classification.

Similarly, the types of transactions that can take place involving Commercial Real Estate are many in number. Such transactions can include purchase and sales, tax free exchanges (1031 Exchanges), leasing, rights of first refusals, environmental issues, upkeep and maintenance, construction and development, and zoning issues. As if all that did not seem like a lot, the list of sub-issues that falls within each of the above topics can have your head spinning.

Commercial Real Estate Law and Transactions are incredibly complicated and technical areas. As a result, Commercial Real Estate Transactions can seem complex and difficult, and the truth of the matter is, they are. If you own or operate a business, there is no doubt that you know this well. Contracts and Agreements involving the lease or purchase of Commercial Real Estate can span dozens of pages. A single paragraph within one of these documents can lead to an obligation for you to pay thousands of dollars.

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