Agreements & Contracts

Businesses deal with agreements or contracts in various forms nearly every day. They play a vital role in ensuring smooth operation and moving a business toward its short-term and long-term goals. Entering into unfavorable terms can cost your business time, energy, and financial resources. Indeed, no one wants to spend their time and business profits disputing a contractual term due to a poorly worded agreement. With our breadth of experience, we can identify those terms and provisions that may not seem so unfavorable to the untrained eye. Let us review the agreement first before you become beholden to a term that may hamper your ability to meet your business goals. With our help, our clients are better protected and situated to transition to the next stage of achieving their success.

In addition to reviewing existing agreements, we also prepare new documents that put your business in the most favorable light possible. We are adept at drafting all kinds of agreements, including Buy/Sell Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Deferred Compensation Agreements, Employment Agreements, Member Control Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Stock Option Agreements, and others that are crucial to your business operations. Let us help you protect your business by drafting the agreements it needs, by examining the terms and conditions proposed by third parties, and by renegotiating those terms most favorable to your liking.

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