A) Minnesota Secretary of State Links

1) Minnesota Secretary of State – Home

2) Minnesota Secretary of State – Business Center

3) Minnesota Secretary of State – Entity Name Search

-This is a free service

4) Minnesota Secretary of State – Starting a Business Series

a) Assumed Name

b) Corporations

c) Limited Liability Companies

d) Limited Liability Partnerships

e) Limited Partnerships

f) Nonprofit Corporations

g) Non-Minnesota Corporations

h) Guide on How To Start A Business In Minnesota

i) Links for Applications for Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN); State Tax ID; State Unemployment Insurance Employer ID; Workers’ Compensation Insurance

j) Corporate Online Filing – Change of Registered Address/Agent Form

5) Minnesota Secretary of State – Online Services Page

a) Links to: File Business, UCC & Notary Documents; Search; Order Certificates & Copies; and Express Service

6) Minnesota Secretary of State – Voter Information Page

7) Minnesota Secretary of State – Voter Registration Page w/ Registration Forms

B) Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

1) DEED Business and Economic Development Publications Small Business Series
-This site provides a wealth of constantly updated downloadable publications free of charge, ranging from comprehensive guides to starting a business in Minnesota, to understanding and administering employee benefits, and even securities law and intellectual property protection.

C) Minnesota Statutes, Laws, Constitution

1) Minnesota State Statutes – By Table of Chapters

2) Links to Minnesota Legislation – Statutes, Session Laws, Rules, Constitution

D) Minnesota State Courts

1) Links to All Minnesota Courts

E) Findlaw

1) Findlaw – General Site

2) Find a Lawyer Search Engine

F) Major Minnesota County Websites

1) Ramsey County – Home

2) Washington County – Home

3) Hennepin County – Home

4) Dakota County -Home

5) Anoka County – Home

G) Minnesota County Property Records & Recorders

1) Ramsey County Recorder & Registrar of Titles

2) Washington County Property Records

3) Hennepin County Title, Deeds, & Land Records

4) Dakota County Home & Property

5) Anoka County Property Records & Taxation

H) Minnesota Department of Revenue

1) Estate Tax Calculator

I) Internal Revenue Service

J) Minnesota Attorney General

-This site contains a wealth of information, mostly in short, easy to follow articles. Individuals can find information ranging from apartments, to debt, to identity theft, and veteran’s rights. In fact, this website even keeps a current database of the various scams that are going on so that you can better educate and better protect yourself.

K) Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)

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