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It is difficult to think of a business that does not utilize agreements and contracts. In fact, nearly every business in operation utilizes agreements and contracts of various forms on a daily basis. As such, agreements and contracts play a very important role in business and commercial transactions.

Gabriel Law Office, PLLC understands the key role that these instruments play in businesses and commercial transactions; no one wants to spend their time or their company’s profits in litigation over a problem arising from a poorly worded contract. With over 30 years experience in the field, we at the Gabriel Law Office, PLLC can help to make sure that our clients are better protected by well drafted agreements and contracts. We are skilled in drafting customized agreements such as Buy/Sell Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Deferred Compensation Agreements, Employment Agreements, Member Control Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Stock Option Agreements, and other agreements or contracts that your business may need.

Let us help to protect your business by drafting the agreements it needs, by examining the terms of agreements proposed by third parties engaging in commercial transactions with you, and by renegotiating the terms of those agreements at your direction.

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