Corporate & Entity Formalities & Maintenance

While choosing an entity form to operate your business can be a complicated and difficult decision to make, once the decision is made and all of the necessary documents are drafted and filed there is still work that needs to be done year in and year out. Many entities fail to observe these formalities and maintenance items. Unfortunately, failing to observe certain requirements can lead to you and your partners losing all shielding from liability that you may have originally had under your business entity. That is why it is so very important that you make sure that every bit of maintenance and every little formality is observed. After all, why buy a bulletproof vest just to hang in your closet.

At the time of the creation of the entity, the Gabriel Law Office, PLLC makes a point to inform our clients regarding what maintenance must be done for the entity and what formalities must take place over the life of the entity. We help you to make sure that your efforts to be free from the liabilities of your business were not in vain simply because a short meeting was not held. Moreover, why risk losing your business’ status as a Corporation or LLC because you missed some yearly filings. We let you know what needs to be done and we are ready to help you complete all of your tasks.

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